Kebi Takes You on a Journey With His Latest Hit ‘Livin’

Hailing from Canada, threefold talent Kebi specialises in DJing, Producing, and creating art. Viewing his human experiences as a spiritual canvas of expression, Kebi’s unique feel-good vibe is a direct reflection of his inner world, which features as a delicate alchemy of deep house roots, disco grooves, and vast meditative experiences, and Kebi’s latest release ‘Livin’ is a perfect culmination of all he has to offer. His live DJ sets and productions draw various inspirations from ethnic percussions, funky bass lines, reminiscent samples, and an overall happy feel. You can expect his music to take you on a journey through intricate blends of old and new, as Kebi will always keep his listeners guessing and feeling free in the moment. 

‘Livin’ starts off with the bare necessities as the kick drum and clap tag team progressively heighten until Kebi unleashes those seriously groovy melodies that fill the speakers and emanate a disco feel that you can kick back and relax to. Radio-filtered vocals guide us through the intro before we are thrown into the main body of the song, which provides us with a chilled and enjoyable vibe that any dancefloor would go crazy for. Whilst the production is fairy minimal in layers, each is serving a specific purpose meaning there is no filler, everything here is for a reason. The brassy elements that wrap around the edges of the production give it that uplifting edge and tie each element of the song together really well, serving as a harmonious balance of culture, rhythm, and soul.  

Representing Kebi for this release is the imprint ‘New Something Records’ based in Colorado, who are dedicated to supporting undiscovered talent, overall creating unique live music experiences and providing something new for your ears. With previous hits like ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘The Creature’, and ‘155th St’, Kebi is continuing to build traction in the industry with a discography of impressive releases that make him stand out from the rest. 

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