‘Memories Like Daggers’ Marks Frigid’s First Hit This Year

Building notoriety in the dance music industry as an urban bass music artist taking influences from hip hop, trap, deep dubstep and freeform bass music, budding sensation Frigid has been hard at work to pinpoint his name on the map with his latest hit ‘Memories Like Daggers’. He is currently sat behind a discography of […]

Check out ‘Love The World’ From Terry Golden

Terry Golden has been making waves all year throughout 2021 in the dance music industry, as he celebrates another memorable year in the scene. Kicking off the new year, Terry Golden is making sure he starts off 2022 with a bang, especially with his newest release ‘Love The World’. Hailing from Denmark, Terry Golden has […]

Terry Golden’s ‘Art of Rave’ Radio Show Continues Repeated Success

As we’re heading into the new year, Terry golden is back with another impressive month of continuous episodes from The Art Of Rave, a treat we can sink our teeth into to get a feel of the underground EDM scene, overall generating a buzz as to what we can expect to hear as we migrate […]

‘Bestie’ Marks an Unmissable Hit From CHYL and Amber Na

Distinguished Chinese-Canadian producer and DJ CHYL shares a huge passion for music production derived from her key to happiness – electronic music. Her unique take on dance music incorporates a female-empowering theme, and she has the career accolades to prove her worth. Her newest hit ‘Bestie’ is a collaboration between her and Amber Na. Looking […]

Check out ‘Late Nights’ From Jacob Colon

This year, Jacob has evolved and developed his own signature sound of House music filled with a unique mix of high energy, heavy basslines, and rugged beats using his musical upbringing to set himself apart from the crowd. Jacob Colon has proven himself to be one of the most exciting talents to come out of […]

Jacob Colon Unleashes Another Month of ‘Made to Move’ Shows

As we move into the new year, Jacob Colon’s collection of shows from December keep it hot throughout the winter, as he draws us in to get the latest fix of the best House the scene has to offer, with a sultry blend of the hottest Afro House packed full of groove. Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in […]

Marvinmarvelous Drops Another Month of Impressive Radio Shows on ‘The Marvin Show’

As the new year rolls around, you can now tune into another month of radio shows exclusively from the talented DJ and Producer Marvinmarvelous. Marvin is no stranger to the dance music scene, with influences from an early age like Motown, R &B, Jazz, and Classic Rock, you can expect to be treated to a proper mix of […]

NATHASSIA and Rare Candy Team up With Unmissable Hit ‘Light of The World’

Celebrated multi-cultural electronic music artist Nathassia Devine is collaborating for the first time this year with production duo Rare Candy to create this deliciously grooved inspirational single “Light of the World” with Most Lost on remix duty. Her prominent live show capabilities and successful releases mixed in with the launch of her ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ […]

‘Tom’s Diner’ Marks Another Dancefloor Filler From Strange Fruits Music

Strange Fruits Music has turned heads across all major labels and music media, they’ve hit the nail on the head again with this modern and powerful rendition of the original hit ‘Tom’s Diner’ from Suzanne Vega. With plenty more exciting releases on the way, the #MelonArmy movement is kicking into full force as the new year arrives, […]

Ken Bauer and J-Rob MD Team up With Unmissable hit ‘So Alive’

Ken Bauer has been on fire this year, with multiple releases all garnering large amounts of success and support in the dance music industry. His artistic flair is constantly evolving, and his career accolades this year have reached staggering new heights. Ken is looking to kick start the idea of ‘Future Rave’ and is backed […]