Check out Nathassia’s latest remix of ‘Star Sapphire’

Nathassia has reinvigorated her 2019 release ‘Star Sapphire’ with a brand-new remix, made especially for her world-renowned radio show ‘Goddess Is A DJ’. The track is dark and dramatic bursting at the seams with a cacophony of synths as Nathassia gets to work in showing off her incredible skillset and finely tuned ear for exceptional […]

Check out Jacob Colon’s Made To Move Radio

Jacob Colon is an artist who has generated quite the reputation for his consistent sublime releases that showcase his abilities and harness that signature sound of rugged, Latina beats. Having begun his radio show ‘Made To Move’ a few months ago, the show has been rapidly gaining popularity as you get to fully experience Jacob’s […]

Check out Kyper’s brand new tune ‘Mr G’

Kyper is back with yet another sensational track, this time called ‘Mr G’. Taking us back to that classic sound of an old school dance track. Kicking things off with a heavy sample led intro, Kyper brings in a steady, yet funk-filled beat with forceful kicks and dominating bassline. The intensity in the background begins […]

Check out Toma Hawk’s December Lakota Radio shows

Lakota Radio is rapidly becoming one of the Techno scene’s most loved radio show for its carefully selected playlists and exceptional roster of guests who each provide a stunning mix of their favourite tunes. With a new show released every week, now is your chance to catch up all of December’s shows as Toma Hawk […]

Kyper joins forces with Cyborknism to drop their brand new tune ‘Dying’

Kyper has started off his year with a bang as his first release of 2020 ‘Dying’ is a celebration of Electro Music that draws influences from both new and old stylings of the genre. Enlisting the help of Electro Bass Vocoder Cyborknism, Kyper has used this tune to pay tribute to one of his idols […]

Tune into December’s Naiz:On Air

As we’re stepping into a new year, take a look back on the December edition of Naizon’s radio show ‘Naiz:On Air’ as he brings together a collection of some of the most promising tracks in the House and Tech House scene into a one hour mix each week where you can get your dance music […]

Check out Winter Sounds 2020 from Clipper’s Sounds

Clipper’s Sounds have solidified their place as one of the leading dance music labels in Spain who encompass a different sub-styles, genres and crossovers. To celebrate an exceptional year music-wise, the label has put together a compilation album of some of their favourite releases from the roster at Clipper’s Sound which has garnered both industry […]

Mon.Ton releases brand new EP ‘Women – Sinister – Move’

After building the Mon.Ton sound over this past year, we finally get to see Toma Hawk merge his two monikers and boy has he delivered. ‘Women – Sinister – Move’ is a 3-track release that sees a whole new sound. ‘Women’ is the first track that is uptempo with erratic hi-hats and an earth-shattering synth […]

Check out The Enveloper’s Join Our Crew & Hell

The Enveloper is back after the success of his previous release ‘Wicked’ with a brand new two track EP called ‘Join Our Crew & Hell’. With yet another release on Toma Hawk’s up-and-coming record label Lakota Music, ‘Join Our Crew’ features a pumping bassline with a deep, inviting vocal that hypnotises you with ‘join our […]

Jacob Colon and Jeff Stephan pair up to release ‘Magic or Mystery’

Jacob Colon is back for a brand-new release titled ‘Magic or Mystery’. This time, the New York House sensation is joined by the exceptionally talented Jeff Stephan on vocals. ‘Magic or Mystery’ harnesses a funky house beat intro whilst progressively getting into the tribal percussive stylings that Jacob Colon is known for. The track is […]