Jacob Colon Kicks off Summer With Brand New Release Desert Storm on ‘Made 2 Move’ Imprint

Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the House music world has been nothing short of superb over the last 18 months. His heavyweight releases that have been broadcasted across the world include Crystal Water’s ‘I Am House’, his link up with Vann Morfin and Laura Noble ‘Love Ahora’, a Marvel-worthy link up of talent on […]

DJ Ralph Unleashes Outstanding Techno Release ‘Crusher Punch’ on Lakota Music Imprint

DJ Ralph has just released ‘Crusher Punch’, another outstanding release on the Techno industry’s fastest-growing label, Lakota Music. Ever since DJ Ralph came to fruition on the scene in the early ’90s, he has garnered huge amounts of success that has built his reputation as the French powerhouse he is known as today. From promoting […]

ALWZ SNNY Releases Feel Good Remix of ‘Breakin’ My Own Rules’

American DJ and Producer ALWZ SNNY has built a remarkable name for himself in the industry by introducing his take on Country music merged with Electropop to develop a new genre of Country Dance, which features pumping basslines and heavy synths combined with impressive guitar work to revamp the face of dance music. ALWZY SNNY’S […]

Ken Bauer Drops Brand New Release ‘Free’

Swedish dance phenomenon and Producer Ken Bauer is back again with his brand-new tune ‘Free’ on the label ‘2-Dutch’. Ken is coming into the new year hot and heavy with a solid output of high-quality music, especially with his new release that overall harnesses the essence that epitomizes the new sound of Future Rave. Ken […]

Sam Junk Releases ‘Toxa’ With Feautred Remix From Archeee

With an esteemed reputation in the art of music production since 1988, Tech and House addicted Sam Junk returns to the scene with his new release Toxa. Following an impressive past in the industry with massive club hits being played globally and previous chart hits reaching a whopping 25,000 records being sold, he is a living testament to his hard work and devotion. Sam is making a return to the Tech – Trance […]

‘Stay Up’ by Naizon

The Don Naizon is back with another Tech-House track bursting with energy, built to break down dancefloors and rumble through your ribcage. The UK based DJ/Producer continues to impress and build upon a rich catalogue of tunes he has released over the past few years. ‘Stay Up’ is an unadulterated Tech House banger. There’s no […]

Toma Hawk releases his latest vs.MonTon EP titled ‘Nameless & Done’

Toma Hawk has once again merged his sound with his moniker Mon.Ton to deliver ‘Nameless & Done’, a juicy Techno EP that you can sink your teeth into. ‘Nameless’ is the first track on the ep with an upped tempo and relentless driving force that pushing the beat forward. Dancing in the background is intricately […]

ALWZ SNNY releases ‘My Time’ featuring Prezence

ALWZ SNNY is joined by Prezence for his very latest release titled ‘My Time’. After making the musical transition from EDM to make a new genre of music that combines Country and Dance music, ALWZ SNNY has truly embodied this new genre in ‘My Time’ as he seamlessly blends together country style guitars and electronic […]

The Enveloper drops brand new single ‘Dark Age’ featuring remixes from Highwalker and Jonjo Drake

The Enveloper is back with a brand-new tune called ‘Dark Age’. A filtered bass eases you in before unleashes its full force that grips hold of you. The Enveloper impresses with his complex percussive beats and pumping kicks that drive the tune. He features a subtle alien-type melody that is hidden within the music. As […]

Check out Nathassia and D3FAI’s newest collab ‘In My Head’

‘In My Head’ is the second collaboration between Dutch electronic music artist NATHASSIA and one of Argentina’s hottest producers D3FAI that has taken the scene by storm already. ‘In My Head’ features a pumping bassline and insanely high energy from the very moment you press play. This is a track that will certainly make you […]