Dave Till and Tiffy’s ‘Run To You’ is out now on Brook Gee Records

Dave Till is back with his latest EDM hit called ‘Run To You’ and this time he has paired up with vocalist Tiffy. The track starts off slow with warm chords and heartfelt verses before building up to a trap-inspired drop. Dave Till has shown us just how good he is as an artist and […]

Tommy Jones latest hit ‘Not That Easy’ is out now!

Tommy Jones has created a stunning Don Diablo inspired Future House tune called ‘Not That Easy’, it features bright chords, emotional lyrics and infectious beats. The track gradually builds all the way up to an unexpected drop that pleasantly surprises the listener; ‘Not That Easy’ features another surprise mid-section where the bass switches up its […]

Trunks – Namek

Trunks is back with an absolute stomper of a production titled ‘Namek’. The Atlanta Trap and EDM artist has provided us with dramatic, almost twisted fairy tale vibes with this tune, the music is high energy and leads you into a dubstep-style drop that has complex musicality and is very drum and synth heavy. Originally […]

Megan Kashat & Mar G Rock – Before I Leave

After the successes of her last release ‘Break My Heart’, Megan Kashat is back with her latest tune ‘Before I Leave’. Teaming up with home-grown Greek DJ and Producer Mar G Rock, the duo have created a classic Deep House tune with funky basslines, providing us with bright, Summery vibes.   ‘Before I Leave’ progressively […]

Mateo Paz – Gain #149

Mateo Paz is back again this week with an edition of Gain that will get you pumped for the weekend! As always, Mateo prepares an arsenal of quality Progressive House hits and his 149th edition consists of music such as Francisco Villasuso’s ‘Something Nice’, Santiago Forteza’s ‘Beyond The Sky’ all before closing the hour-long show […]

Pierre Reynolds – Set It Off

Pierre Reynolds is back once again with his latest House hit ‘Set It Off’. The track consists of thumping bass, funky synths and pretty chords intertwined throughout the song. Pierre has also made sure to include a signature soulful vocal along with a very catchy chorus with heavenly harmonies singing the title of the tune. […]

Pierre Reynolds has dropped his latest hit ‘Save Me’

Pierre Reynolds is back once again with a chill-out House hit titled ‘Save Me’. This production offers exotic big band vibes and a classic groove that you can’t help but bop along to. The jazzy piano improvisations paired with a sultry, soulful voice is heavenly on the ears and makes you want to play the […]

Romaan’s ‘Voicemail’ is out now!

Romaan’s latest track ‘Voicemail’ has a classic Deep House funky groove that is bursting at the seams with Soul. The track features a talking vocal sample that matches the beat perfectly, drawing the listener in. The use of intricate piano solos and ‘real’ instrumentation sounds give a refreshing take on House music.   Romaan got […]

Mateo Paz – Gain #148

Polish Progressive House sensation Mateo Paz is back for his weekly broadcast of ‘Gain’. This week’s mix is the perfect culmination of talented artists and brilliant songs, you can find music such as Behache’s ‘I Report’, Touchtalk’s ‘Choice’, Monolythe’s ‘Back To Dust’ before closing the show with Stae’s huge track ‘Another Fall’.   Releasing both […]

Pierre Reynolds remix of ‘Without You’ is out now!

Pierre Reynolds is on fire with releases recently and ‘Without You’ is certainly no exception. This remix of Sal Negro and Elle’s ‘Without You’ offers a tribal feel whilst incorporating jazzy chords and flute-sounding elements. It wouldn’t be a classic Pierre Reynolds tune without throwing in some soulful vocals and adlibs either, the complex percussions […]