Piemont go coco…


PIEMONT – Coco Cliche [Plumbum]

There is no stopping Piemont, a pair of German specialists who operate in the tech house world and have done excellently for years. Here they return to one of their own many labels, Plumbum, for a new two track EP that comes complete with a top notch remix.

First up is the lazy groove of Coco Cliché with its train track like percussion and deep, loopy bass and sandy hi hats. It’s a dancefloor bomb. Andrew “Tripmastaz” Guyvoronsky – a much in-demand producer whose tough and jacking house sound has found favour with legends like DJ Sneak and Shlomi Aber – provides the remix and opts for a much sharper, ravey tone but still excels. Haunted Place is the last track and its name is apt. There is a nice tight dynamic contrast and tussle between the different elements but still it remains an inviting track. Another fine EP from Piemont then.