Emerson Todd & Jonny Cruz ‘Kiwi & Coconut Pie EP’

Emerson Todd & Jonny Cruz / ‘The Kiwi & Coconut Pie EP’

Vinyl / Digital

My Favourite Robots Records/ Released 3rd January 2010

My Favourite Robots has established a name for itself, relatively rapidly, by refusing to support material that could let a listener put the imprint in any real pigeonhole. Sure, it never puts out drum n bass or dubstep, but there’s no real way of telling what things will sound like before you hear the tracks.

And this, the 30th release, is no different. While Todd & Cruz’s opener, Sunkiss, lives up to its rather out of season name by providing a slice of straight up house that’s destined for Miami, it’s not the greatest indicator of what happens next. It bumps along a path made up of soulfully inspired vocal loops, before welcoming in a brass section of warm, beach-side melodies perfectly suited to soundtrack bikini clad revellers dancing themselves silly in front of some stunning ocean view, saved from heat stroke thanks to the sanctity of a shaded bar.

But if you’re looking for something a little cooler to keep in line with the temperature outside, fear not. It isn’t long before such sexy sounds fade into distant memory and Faces takes us on a decidedly dirtier, acid tinged trip. It’s not much tougher, but still the northern United States electro vibe that arrives courtesy of space age synths, stepping beats, and a classic e-funk bassline conjures images of people descending below frozen streets, and into some basement party guaranteed to get them sweating.

It also provides the inspiration for Jozif’s show stealing remix. The man who recently launched Fist or Finger proves why he’s a good match for that imprint’s other boss, his friend and sometime musical collaborator Craig Richards, by delivering a staggering version that’s a little like London itself: forward thinking, funky, druggy and infinitely danceable. A stepping break replaces the flat four, complete with cowbells and gradually growing, though barely recognisable guitar licks that build into something so atmospheric it’s destined for Fabric. Soon enough ethereal synths are working magic at the top end, making the whole experience a little tense, but nonetheless wonderfully innovative. Memorable to say the least.