Deetron ‘Count On Me’


Deetron – Count On Me


Aus Music / Released August 2013

Happy 50th to Aus Music indeed. OK, so five lots of ten releases isn’t the same as a half-century anniversary, but nevertheless it’s an impressive achievement.

With the punchiness of Deetron’s Count On Me– released as a special one-sided cut- certainly came along for the party. Upbeat modern house music that takes very little time for its retro-edged bouncing bassline to drop, whilst the initial impact suggests classic straight to the floor fare we’re soon thrown something of a curveball; clearly marking this out as clearly an Aus product. By the time it has finished, then, it has grown into a big, euphoric affair that oozes positivity and invokes reflective thoughts, but given the circumstances that’s probably the most appropriate conclusion to the track.