Check out the Latest Remixes of NATHASSIA and Yence505’s ‘The Edge’

NATHASSIA and Yence505 have joined forces to bring out a remix EP of their original piece together – ‘The Edge’. This marks the first collaboration between NATHASSIA and Yence505, where they have brought their contrasting backgrounds together to merge them as one, a surprisingly catchy mix-up of Trance and Progressive House elements from Yence505 and NATHASSIA, a powerhouse […]

DJ Jordan Drops Hard Hitting Techno Anthem ‘Unleashed Passion’ on Lakota Music

If anyone knows how to get people off their feet to the dancefloor and get the club bouncing, it’s DJ Jordan. Ever since starting his career back in the ’90s, DJ Jordan has devoted a huge portion of his time getting to know the intricacies of the dance music industry through listening to music, learning […]

Sink Your Teeth Into The Latest Month of Jacob Colon’s Made To Move Radio Show

As we move into the month of April, Jacob Colon’s collection of shows from March draws us in to get the latest fix of the best House the scene has to offer, with a sultry blend of the hottest Afro House packed full of groove. Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the industry comes down […]

Sink Your Teeth Into Toma Hawk’s Latest Month of Radio Shows in March

As we’re nearing the end of the long and grueling pandemic, Toma Hawk is back with another impressive month of continuous episodes from Lakota Radio, a treat we can sink our teeth into to get a feel of the underground Techno scene, overall generating a buzz as to what we can expect to hear as […]

ALWZ SNNY is Back With Sultry Upbeat Anthem ‘Stupid Love’

If you’re looking for some feel-good EDM vibes that will definitely brighten your day, check out ALWZ SNNY’s brand new release with the songwriter/rapper TyeRiffic called ‘Stupid Love’. ALWZ SNNY’s unique take on the dance music industry is what sets him apart from the rest – his inimitable sound is made up of a Country […]

Cyazon Pushes Boundaries of Conventional Music With ‘Awaken’

In recent times, Cyazon has pushed through the boundaries of conventional music where he takes listeners on a journey through time, chaos and self-discovery through his own inimitable discretion of what the future sounds like; a mixture between Synthwave and Dubstep that depicts the dark undertones of abandoned streets, with the blurs of neon lights […]

Naizon’s Unmissable Must Not Mix Radio Show – Naiz:On Air

Bringing dancefloor-ready mixes of the freshest House anthems in the absence of raves, you can expect to have your thirst quenched with Naizon’s latest accumulation of Naiz:On Air radio shows in March. Naizon brings the energy of his real-life sets to his unmissable must not mix series, where he features some of the hottest Tech-House records from figureheads in the industry […]

JonJo Drake Massively Steps Up His Game With New Release ‘Little Fellas’

DJ and Producer JonJo Drake’s rise to prominence in the Techno music industry has been nothing short of excellent since the start of his career, built from the backbone of his passion for heavy beats and dark driving percussion to bring about a modern industrial flair that sets him apart from the rest. The 20-year-old […]

Jacob Colon Kicks off Summer With Brand New Release Desert Storm on ‘Made 2 Move’ Imprint

Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the House music world has been nothing short of superb over the last 18 months. His heavyweight releases that have been broadcasted across the world include Crystal Water’s ‘I Am House’, his link up with Vann Morfin and Laura Noble ‘Love Ahora’, a Marvel-worthy link up of talent on […]

DJ Ralph Unleashes Outstanding Techno Release ‘Crusher Punch’ on Lakota Music Imprint

DJ Ralph has just released ‘Crusher Punch’, another outstanding release on the Techno industry’s fastest-growing label, Lakota Music. Ever since DJ Ralph came to fruition on the scene in the early ’90s, he has garnered huge amounts of success that has built his reputation as the French powerhouse he is known as today. From promoting […]