Jake Cusack’s ‘EP 13’ is out now!

Jake Cusack is back with 2-track EP bursting with bangers. The first tune on Jake’s ‘EP13’ is titled ‘You Don’t Know’, the tune features bongo elements giving off a slight tribal vibe with bright and airy synths along with a haunting vocal that kicks off the drop perfectly. The second production is called ‘Your Love’ […]

Blk Out’s latest hit ‘All Night’ is out now on Phunk Junk Records

After storming the scene with their debut EP ‘Lites Out’ back in 2018, Blk Out are back with their latest track titled ‘All Night’. ‘All Night’ is a funk-filled party anthem that seamlessly blends House, Bass and Progressive together to create a tune that will get dance floors jumping everywhere. Blk Out’s crisp production sends the […]

Lyonbrotherz are back with their latest EDM hit ‘Liberty’

Lyonbrotherz are back once again with their latest track titled ‘Liberty’, a slower tempo EDM anthem featuring a powerful female vocal and inspirational lyrics. ‘Liberty’ starts off with dreamy, warming synths and arpeggios before getting into the main part of the track where a choppy melody line kicks in, leading up to a grand EDM […]

Megan Kashat, Yunus Durali and Drop G’s latest track ‘Love You’ is out now!

The dynamic duo Megan Kashat and Yunus Durali have paired up once again to bring you their latest tune ‘Love You’, this time adding Drop G to the mix. ‘Love You’ is a chill-out Deep House infused track that features a classic slow jam groove and a solid driving bass-line. Megan, Yunus and Drop G have developed […]

Trunks’ ‘Call Shenron’ is out now!

Trunks is back with a standout fusion track titled ‘Call Shenron’, the production includes elements from a multitude of genres like Trap, EDM and there’s even some essence of Drum & Bass in there too all blended together to create this huge club banger! The vocals in ‘Call Shenron’ are silky and sultry and draw […]

Lyonbrotherz X Greenskies – Space

‘Space’ grabs you from the very first beat and brings you in a world full of melodic synths and pumping basslines. The epic breakdown consisting of dramatic effects and space countdown samples leads you into a huge drop guaranteed to get the crowd jumping. Lyonbrotherz and Greenskiez production takes you on a journey with ‘Space’; […]

Mateo Paz – Gain #144

Once again Mateo Paz has provided us with an exquisite selection of tracks to get us through the week, full of hidden gems and some better-known tunes from some of the best up-and-coming artists around. This week’s edition of Gain contains music such as Personna’s ‘Made Artificially’, Gabriel Amato’s remix of Fille V’s ‘Vitamin Sea’, […]

House Party Records have dropped their Sapphire Selects EP

Established back in 2014 by Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf, House Party Records pride themselves in pushing their limits with both the artists they nurture and the music they release and have seen support in previous years from the likes of Major Lazor, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and Diplo. The record label is kicking off 2019 […]

Jake Cusack’s December Sessions is out now!

Jake Cusack’s full December mix sessions are available to listen to now on SoundCloud. After a standout year in the industry, Jake has put together some of his favourite tracks in a series of 4 1-hour long mixes, including his 2018 mixed album. You can find music such as Martin Occo’s ‘Too Late’, Kinnerman’s ‘Gimme […]

Mateo Paz – Gain #143

Mateo Paz is back with his first Gain broadcast of 2019 and it certainly does not disappoint! Filled to the brim with some of the hottest tracks around, Mateo has included music such as Daredevil’s ‘Last Flight’, Skinnybit’s ‘Superstition’, NOIYSE PROJECT’s ‘Sleepless Nights’ before closing the show with the huge Miguel Galiano Remix of Kraustsonido’s […]