Krista Drops Three Part EP ‘Kora’ On Cope Records

Ever since the beginning of her career, Krista has built a genuine reputation for herself. With a love of music since her childhood and a plethora of vinyl that she holds close to her, Krista has seen bountiful success ever since the beginning of her career built from her inimitable sound of uplifting beats, atmospheric harmonies, and enchanting vocals. Her latest EP being released on Cope Records is ‘Kora’, which consists of 3 varying productions, ‘Mother Nature’, ‘The Light’ and Kora, a professionally wrapped package brimmed full of otherworldly and enchanting elements and a true delight to behold.

The first track of the EP is ‘Mother Nature’, a beautiful culmination of mixed percussive elements and FX backed by the warped kick drum which exudes a warm and euphoric aura. The soft off-beat claps keep the rhythm as the bright and enchanting melodies fade in and float around the soundscape to give it that atmospheric and entrancing vibe. Suddenly the song switches gear and the melody gains exposure over all elements of the production and our senses are heightened by dream-like whispered vocals that come and go.

Next up is ‘Mother Nature’, a bass-driven production chopped full of twists and turns from Krista as she takes us on an entrancing journey through her mind which she emulates through her music. The throbbing bassline commences early on, joined by infectious kicks and claps that tie them together. An indication of change is made evident through the reverberation of the claps before the kick drum flips out into action, emanating a raw and bountiful energy as the bassline takes the lead. Before we know it, Krista is bending our minds even further as she chucks in fleeting moments of synths wrapped in dreamy melodies that deviate from the lower end of the spectrum, adding texture to the production as a whole. The bass then gives way for a breath of fresh air as the kicks and basslines pause, revealing the heart of the beating drum as spine-tingling whispered vocals commence, developing a theme between the productions.

Last but not least is ‘The Light’, which radiates an extra-terrestrial vibe as the rattle of the high-end percussion fills the upper spectrum of the speaker and the rhythmic kick drum commences, enveloping a seriously infectious groove. Soft-spoken vocals quickly fill the ecosphere as they penetrate your soul, quickly transitioning between the left and right speakers surrounding you as they engulf the main body of the song. They leave as quickly as they came, fading out as if it was never there in the first place like it was all an illusion.

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