Acin Strikes Again With Entrancing Remix of ‘Don’t Wait For Me’

Mariano Sanchez, who is musically known as Acin, steps out again with a brand-new remix of ‘Don’t Wait for Me’ – and it is definitely not one to miss out on. Hailing from Argentina, the 20-year-old music producer has built a reputation in the dance music industry, as he seamlessly blends orchestral soundtracks with progressive house elements to deliver powerful and atmospheric hits that take you on a musical journey. His latest remix of ‘Don’t Wait for Me’ pays homage to the two of his long-term friends who are also the original artists behind this track, Stoby, and Sonia who are based in Wales. 

Acin has hit the nail on the head with this remix, as his latest offering features as a perky hit brimmed with atmospheric synths and beautiful string elements that strike your senses and transport you into a world of your own. Expect to be washed over by entrancing House elements when you tune in to the world of Acin, as you can chill out and unwind to those iconic brassy elements that wrap around the edges of the production to give it that uplifting edge and tie each element of the song together really well, serving as a harmonious balance of rhythm and atmosphere.  

Representing Acin for this release is the imprint Soluna Music based in San Francisco, CA, who are dedicated to supporting undiscovered talent, overall creating unique music experiences with Balearic influences that provide something new for your ears with each release. With previous hits like ‘Hoodoo’ and ‘Clotho’ building his reputation in the industry, Acin is continuing to build traction in the industry with a discography of impressive releases that make him stand out from the rest, always keeping listeners guessing and feeling free in the moment. 

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