Broken Space drops from Paul Sawyer…



Even in an age where music is released so frequently, few labels release with the same sort of prolific consistency as Paul Sawyer’s EJ Underground, a label that – despite only being established in mid 2013 – has already racked up over 30 releases. The slow and steady approach, therefore, evidently isn’t one that appeals to the brains behind the imprint – and it’s one that’s reflected in the heady melding of sounds that Sawyer introduces to on his latest, the skipping, tough-to-pigeonhole sounds of ”Broken Space”.

A collaboration with South African vocalist Lokka, this one is the epitome of a marmite record. On the one hand, there’s the ghostly lyrics that align themselves towards the trance camp, while on the other hand, a raft of acid squelches and a steady 4/4 beat drag it kicking and screaming towards contemporary house planes. Either way, it’s sure to make quite a marked impact wherever it’s unleashed, and thanks to its eclectic characteristics, it might yet spring a surprise or two in unlikely aread. Production wise, it’s difficult to find fault with as it’s all wrapped up with a certain multilayered zeal. This might be the first time I’ve encountered EJ Underground – but I’m already awaiting the label’s next move with curious suspense.