DJ Ralph drops ‘Protocol 19’ on UndGrd Music

DJ Ralph is undoubtedly one of the most iconic DJs of the French Techno scene and has impressed once again with his latest single ‘Protocol 19’. The release showcases an intense techno beat where a labyrinth of complex rhythms works together in complete harmony to generate a vibe that is mysterious yet definitely brings the party. The mid-section of the track is haunting but takes you on an exploration of anticipation as he teases the drop and then finally satisfaction when the drop kicks in and sends your senses into overdrive.


Featuring on the release is a remix from none other than Toma Hawk who has dedicated over 20 years to his craft. Toma Hawk’s version begins with muted basslines with high energy flirting in and out before a booming bass enters the mix. Toma Hawk embarks on a classic techno beat that is ramped up with characteristics and styling that you would only hear from the seasoned producer. Using his wealth of musical knowledge, influences and experience you are taken on yet another journey on this track that scrambles reality in the best way possible.


DJ Ralph has worked with an incredible list of artists spanning from the likes of Richie Hawtin to Garnier to Rivera. His international reputation is one that many aspire for. DJ Ralph has over 20 years’ worth of exceptional singles, remixes and compilations, all of which has culminated the artist he is today. Having worked with Toma Hawk of many occasions such as his remix for the ‘Velvet’ release and was a recent special guest for Toma Hawk’s ‘Lakota Radio’ it’s clear that these two worldly artists are a match made in heaven.


Both mixes are an absolute treat for the ears and are available to download now on UndGrd Music.


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