Special Tee Drops The Latest High-Energy Remix of ‘Rainmaker’

The first release ‘Rainmaker’ featuring the iconic duo NATHASSIA and GAR has served in the industry as a ground-breaking culmination of their disparate yet distinguished backgrounds which have come together to produce this mystical and melodic anthem. After turning heads in the industry and having such a great outcome, the latest artist Special Tee is here to spin up a remix of the original. With remixes already featuring iconic releases like ‘Change The World’ from NATHASSIA and D3FAI, one of Argentina’s hottest emerging producers Special Tee is fully equipped with the skill and knowledge to smash this one out of the park. 

Special Tee’s innovative remake offers a production chopped full of upbeat and funky cuts of impressive sounds that surround a more energetic tempo compared to the original which really adds a personal touch and encapsulates the sounds his fans have grown to know and enjoy over the last few months. In Special Tee style, this release provides you with a seriously inimitable groove that branches out into a new direction of Deep House infused Pop with a bottomless thumping bassline and atmospheric piano elements to seal the deal. Mesmerising saxophone solos linger around the atmospheric breaks, which adds a totally new immersive layer song and ties it together to produce an entirely modern spin-off of the Deep House vibes we’ve grown to love over the years. If you’re looking to diversify your knowledge on the makeup of this genre, then this is definitely a good place to start. 

‘Rainmaker’ is the first collaboration between celebrated and successful Dutch Electronic music artist NATHASSIA, Special Tee and one of India’s hottest producers, GAR. Described as an incredible production that features as a mystical presentation chopped full of haunting lyrics and ecstatic saxophone elements, this release goes down as a treat. 

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