Znas releases his remix of Jeekay’s ‘Alpha Centuri’

Znas has put his signature spin on Jeekay’s hit release ‘Alpha Centuri’. Kicking off with a steady funk-filled groove Znas embarks on trippy arpeggios before the track turns into a showcase of meticulously placed synths and pure talent. The spacey build-up creates a bright atmospheric feel to ‘Alpha Centuri’ making for a stunning Progressive tune.


You can expect to hear a tonne of melodic elements within the release along with separate detailed sections that have been merged together with perfection to take the listener on a journey. Znas’s take on ‘Alpha Centuri’ is very cinematic with psychedelic sound design that scrambles the brain and constantly crescendos with pressure until the very last beat.


After deciding to embark on a career in the more creative side of music, Znas has built up his reputation into a completely independent artist with his very own record label where he is building a roster of exceptional rising stars. Some of Znas’s own music has garnered attention from all over with his conceptual ideas and thought-provoking stories with releases such as the ‘OO’ EP and ‘Dystopia’.


The Alpha Centuri remix is out now on Znas Music.


Listen to the remix of Alpha Centuri



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