Check out Toma Hawk’s ‘The Watcher’ on Lakota Records

25 years in the industry and Toma Hawk is still producing tracks that are absolutely of a gold-standard and this time he is armed with ‘The Watcher’. Starting off atmospheric, the intro mirrors a countdown that instantly starts to get your heart racing. Toma Hawk’s signature Techno style kicks in piece by piece before heading into a deep and dark drop that will send Techno fans to a place of pure bliss.


The fast tempo of ‘The Watcher’ allows for you to lose your inhibitions and just dance along to the music. The groove switches half way through and keeps thing fresh an interesting the whole way through this 10 minute track! There is also a much heavier version of ‘The Watcher’ from fellow Techno master Mon.Ton included. Both are definitely worth a listen!


Having built his life around Techno, Toma Hawk shows off his musical upbringing through the intricacies of his music and has released several stunning tracks including ‘Build Love’ and ‘Inside Out’. Not only does Toma Hawk create outstanding Techno tracks, he is also a master behind the decks where his love shines through and his selections take you on an ecstatic journey through the deep realm of Techno.


Toma Hawk’s ‘The Watcher’ is out now on his very own imprint Lakota Records.


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