Jacob Colon’s ‘I Want My House Music’ is out now

Kicking off with those signature tribal beats, Jacob Colon’s newest release ‘I Want My House Music’ offers a fresh take to a classic style of house music. Featuring deep, dark and groovy drops with a seriously funky bassline, this is a serious contender for song of the summer and has the potential to catapult Jacob to brand new heights.


Enlisting the help of good friend Oba Frank Lords who is best known for his vocals on Dark Beat (Addicted To Drums), Oba uses the grit in his vocals to add another element of instrumentation whilst almost growling ‘I Want My House Music’ amongst the complexity of beats. Oba has also devised a series of chunky Tech House remixes to compliment the release and add a whole new dimension. A fantastic addition to a great track and a unity of talent that is a match made in house music heaven.


Jacob shot to the attention of the house music scene through his collaboration with Crystal Waters back in 2018 with ‘I Am House’ which saw him reach the number 1 spot on the Billboard Chart. Now he is back to release this incredible tune ‘I Want My House Music’ on Crystals very own record label. With a work ethic second to none, a deep-rooted passion and a constant stream of distinguished tunes, there’s certainly some excitement to see what Jacob does next.


‘I Want My House Music’ is out now.


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