We could get down with a Rave of Love

Artwork 600x600Says this Zurich label itself “Rave of Love is not a brand, not a fashion. It’s a project born to make room for musical experimentation electronics in all his forms, the experimental art of painting and graphics highlighting the passion and love for music and art.” Hoping to stay true to their ideals, the label offers up this VA compilation that draws on all their latest and greatest talent.

Across the six tracks and forty odd minutes of music there is plenty of get excited about here. Opener Banto Selakis from Pete & Pete is a moody, stripped back bit of house with rubbery kicks and eerie water droplets sounds. Breathy and sex vocals lend a terrific air of emotion to the track before Vanita’s ‘Cries’ is just as minimalistic. Elsewhere there is funky beats from Garibovic, drum lead experimentalist house from Pablo Einzig who manages to do great things with bendy tones, and then Parkcity bring back a bulky house feel with Raw Warrior and Timoteo closes out the package with a house missive from deepest darkest space. Overall this compilation proves the label to have a wide sonic remit and plenty of talented producers on which to call.