London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years – Music To Move You

lgSometimes, every now and again, but not that often…I come across a piece of music that really moves me. I mean, really, REALLY moves me. Like, to another world, head space and moment in time. The hairs on my arms standing, bristling with adrenaline. My eyes filled with tears and my heart swelling as my body is flooded with raw emotion. Waves and waves of the stuff, pulsing through my veins like hot lava.  To be truly moved and transported to a totally different mindset is a powerful thing, and I like it!

Recommended by an awe-struck friend, London Grammar have changed my world. I feel like I’ve struck gold. GOLD I TELLS YA! Hailing from the UK, the electronica tinged Indie Pop trio are the best thing to have  happened to me all week. Get involved. Feel the power.