North Lake ‘Moonwalker’


North Lake – Moonwalker 

Vinyl – Digital 

Phonica – Released October 2013


There’s an underlying jazzy epic-ness to the latest from North Lake. Poised, patient and informed by sultry brass as much as techno and house music, from the word go it’s clear this isn’t your average three track EP. Instead, the words ‘rather special indeed’ come to mind.

Kicking off with Marlborol Noir, a chugging number boasting as much beauty as it does atmosphere, ascending and descending synth lines underpin looped string chords whilst distorted saxophones ensure the whole thing feels rather freeform, or at least jam-like. Which makes sense, as the tracks on this disc are all the result of off the cuff studio sessions.

From here we have the Laurent Garnier-esque Suomi Kutsuu, wherein a more upbeat and punchy ethic comes to the fore, melding reversed string loops with echoed piano keys and a weighty kick section, resulting in something that’s at once avant-garde and aimed at getting the party started. And then, finally, we have the titular track, Moonwalker, it’s tracking cymbals and arpeggios of harmony and glittering, twinkling background accents, making for an immersive techy electro-y affair, again backed with muscular drums, that refuses to let the feet or mind go once it has crept into your conscious. Mystifying leftfield future house business, we wholly recommend.