Fans of Surgeon, Objekt, and techno-dubstep hybrids will certainly find themselves at home here as we're introduced to a fine 13-year-old producer from Russia

N’Bome ‘Human Resources’


N’Bome – Human Resources

Digital – Vinyl 

Black Ocean – Released September 2013

Just when you start to think that every memorable musical tale has been told, a 13-year-old kid from southern Russia comes along and starts making music for Finnish duo Renaissance Man’s imprint, Black Ocean, evidencing that we do indeed live in incredible times. A world wherein miles mean nothing in so far as musical discovery goes, and children apparently create staggeringly good, highly imaginative techno hybrids.

The first of 12 EPs set to arrive from N’Bome, fans of Surgeon and Objekt will certainly find themselves at home with his sound. Human Resources is a spatial, dubsteppy exercise in combining mechanical percussion with delicate background harmonies. Meanwhile, flip it to find Meteor, a far tougher outing that hammers on the door with bricks taped to its fists, delivering air raid sirens and sledgehammer beats, nodding to UK rave and juke, but committing to neither, instead opting to go off into its own unique musical area via some haunting analogue chords that would make John Carpenter rather jealous. In short then, it might be a bit early to judge, but we’re very excited about what the future holds for this whipper snapper artiste.