Mind Against ‘Atlant’


Mind Against – Atlant

Vinyl – Digital 

Life & Death – Released September 2013

Three tracks that aren’t just solid, but extraordinarily stand out, are hand delivered here with loving care from two Italian brothers that seem to wear their country’s electronic musical heritage on their sleeves. Shades of Giorgio Moroder and solid, atmospheric techno abound, as you probably guessed from that description, we were quick to hit repeat.

It’s not often that an EP’s A and B sides are the measure of each other, but in this instance the trio are so different in their approach to the genre, and equally competent at realising their individual visions, it’s very difficult to pick a winner. Not that anyone is  taking points here. Opening with the toughest of the pack, Atlant is a driving, heavily percussive floor filler if we’ve ever heard one. Growing into trancier soundscapes, expansive synth lines eventually ensure that the toughness is matched by timbre and ambience, creating a futuristic vision of four fours that’s wholly impressive.

Starting from much more humble beginnings, it takes a few minutes to realise quite how big Oracle is going to become. Its dubby intro of refrained harmonies and spooky little stabs of filtered pipes suggests we could be in for a minimal ride. Instead though the offering grows into an epic number, packed with choppy snares, a rig-ruining wave of low end, and, once broken down, some rather intimidating space-age organ chords. Bladerunner for the dancefloor, or something along those lines. All of which should already have sold this without us mentioning the very John Digweed-esque closing Tune (note the capital T), Ceremonial. All weighty drums and moodiness, it rounds off one of the best EPs we’ve heard all month.