Review of PRYDA Warehouse Party


Sat 31st July 2010

Last Saturday we made the trek over the water to South London for the PRYDA night. PRYDA is the name of Eric Prydz’s label, and also his more credible, less commercial DJ moniker. It was worth the journey as we had a brilliant night, albeit a VERY sweaty one!  Over 1,000 ravers squeezed themselves into the Ewer St warehouse in London Bridge for the huge lineup of DJs. and they didn’t disappoint.  In the main room Prydz (under his PRYDA guise) was joined by up and coming legend Popof, a live set from Brazilian Gui Boratto, plus support from East London promoters FINALE

I’d never been to the venue before so had no idea what to expect. On entrance I was highly impressed by the security and doorgirls – usually at this type of event you find the staff a little on the rude side but they were absolutely lovely. We arrived to the sounds of the FINALE boys kicking things off in the main room, and all commented that we had no idea how the anticipated 1k people would ever be able to fit into what was the main arch – its was just too small. Forgetting this we downed a few shots to get ourselves going. Investigation of the whole venue saw a nice chill out area (essential for me these days!), a massive outside area, and a 2nd arch – which Lost Soul’s were hosting. There was also a burger van which at 1st seemed like a good idea but later into the night when it was hot and very sweaty it seemed a little random – the smell of fried onions and burger + BO was not that appetising! We were a little disappointed to discover the hideous portaloo toilets we’d have to use for the rest of the evening, and the even bigger horror that they were unisex. I’m sorry but I need to have a quick rant about this! When will organisers please separate toilets into ladies and gents sections?!!! We have VERY different toilet habits, lets face it and I (and every other female in the population) would rather not share with the smelly seat pissing boys!! And 2 words… TOILET PAPER!!! why is it so difficult to top it up throughout the night?! Partying in a warehouse does not have to mean its a shit hole (scuse the pun) especially not when people are paying £15/£20 for a ticket.

Anyway – moaning aside, the crowd at the party were really lovely (I did wonder if a few of them thought it was going to be Eric Prydz playing a “call on me” type set though!) and the party was totally going off all night.  It was really nice to go somewhere and see people really letting themselves go for once, there were lots of people up on friends shoulders and tons of happy, flushed faces in the main room. The system was incredible in both rooms and that goes for the lighting too (esp the main room) they had these fantastic projections, which were shone onto blocks pled up around the DJ booth. It was a very simple idea but just looked wicked. The music was of course brilliant, especially Popof, Only problem was that it was impossible to get in the room ‘cos it was so busy! We had to kind of squeeze in at the back. Bit of a shame as we really wanted to just get down the front and get involved! We managed to squeeze in down the middle at one point but gave up after I literally ended up wearing my drink (and at the ridiculously over-priced bar prices you couldn’t risk spilling a drop!) A rather interesting puddle of water the size of a small paddling pool then appeared on the dance so we left and made our way to the Lost Soul’s arch. All the boys sets were bloody amazing and we had it right up in that room for ages! Have to say for me the best thing about the night was definitely the crowd, they totally made the evening what it was. All in all a great night and will 100% be in attendance should there be another one.



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