Various Artists – Till Von Sein Suol Mates


Till Von Sein – Suol Mates

CD – Digital

Suol – Released September 2013


According to Boston’s finest purveyors of slo-mo beats, Soul Clap, Till Von Sein is ‘the master of arrogance’, because he only wears t-shirts two or three times before throwing them away. We’d also say he’s pretty proficient at making mix CDs too.

The latest addition to the Suol Mates compilation series runs through a plethora of melded music that will go down infinitely well with fans of the aforementioned duo (who are, in fact, friends and admirers). A strange point where pop, soul and funk come together, although the tunes are pretty laidback there’s enough impact in the tracks to ensure it’s very difficult to get bored.

Vocal harmonisation and key changes abound,  familiar club names proper such as Ripperton make an appearance (via the sunkissed At Peace, featuring Christina Wheeler), but realistically this collection is much more about the Toro Y Mois and Sebastien Telliers of this world (who are here with Rose Quartz and Le Long De La Rivière Tendre respectively). Not to mention the main man himself, Till Von Sein, a chap with abundant skill for choosing the right record next, showcased in the 70-minutes committed to record here, and serious studio talent (see his and Tigerskin’s dub of the latter’s The Beach;  lounge electronica that’s sounds like some retro vision of the future used as a closing number here). All in all then, hugely enjoyable, accomplished, and most importantly fun stuff from start to finish.