FACE step it up for their final summer event…

The Rainbow have just announced their huge Autumn and Winter line ups – including the likes of Annie Mac, SBTKRT & Scuba to name a few. But before we get to that star-studded cast Birmingham stalwart soiree FACE closed out the summer with an exclusive 5 hour set from the legendary big hitter and pioneer Kerri Chandler.
Kerri is famous for his attention to detail began with a 3 hour sound check before the club even opened, adding to that was a comment made by the man himself to say that the layout of The Rainbow was very similar to his set up at home, that leaves something for the imagination right? Further more the technician at the club Joe openly discussed Kerri as one of the friendliest guys he has ever worked with, the residents concurred the before mentioned statement. A nice start to the evening.
Always one to add another dimension to his set (after a great warm up) he took us on a 5 hour journey through some the classic edits we have become accustom to over the years marrying perfectly with some of his more recent music. Always one to bring his beloved keyboard along for the ride this just was just the icing on the proverbial cake so to speak. The fans in attendance were in absolute uproar of what they were experiencing, the atmosphere was just electric.
Always one to take time out to reach over the booth to shake hands with the fans, whilst he was being so kind one of the many memorable moments occurred when one of the faithful proceeded to sit in the middle of the dance-floor whilst another member had a horn at the front, as soon as the track dropped we all knew what was going to happen and in due course the roof nearly came off. 
The party could have easily gone on till the early hours but was forced to a halt by the door staff with a couple of tracks to go. To credit Mr Chandler even further he stuck around for another 30 minutes or so to have his picture taken with the fans. 
All in all this was a pleasure from start to finish – everyone from the front to the back of the courtyard were in sheer joy of their evening, I know I can’t wait for the Autumn and winter showcases now – I’m sure everyone will agree.