Fantastic Mr. Fox ‘The Trap b/w Jackal Youth’


Fantastic Mr. Fox – The Trap / Jackal Youth

Vinyl / Digital 

Black Acre / Released August 2013


The wiliest producer in the country unleashes his latest vision of house via the imprint he owns, and clearly feels at home with, considering quite how unique and bold these two cuts are, at least compared with so much of the formulaic fare out there.

A male-vocal led track that should even do well with ears that loathe the idea of a guy singing his heart out over the top of four four beats, The Trap opens the scoring in a particularly memorable, big-yet-stripped way. Oozing both raw toughness and soul in equal measure, it’s should do well amongst fans of more experimental but nevertheless straight up house (Icee Hot and the like).

Over on the other side we have a similarly minimalistic outing, as Jackal Youth gradually adds to its basic ingredients (brass stabs, vocal loops, percussion and an almost industrial b-line), creating a bouncy, jacking number that does very little but at the same time is almost guaranteed to get the entire room involved in the action. Strange, powerful DJ tools, the likes of which you could spend a long time looking for, and yet still not manage to find. As such make the most of this.