The four pronged headline attack has Familia fans wanting more…

Familia has had a huge year this year, not only that its been an integral cog in the ever present wheel that is Egg club.

As we walked into the Ground floor Drumcode’s Manic Brothers were in full swing, the crowd dancing furiously under the outer galactic production, their extended set whizzed by before reigns were handed over to the legendary Victor Calderone who’s techno groove had the dancefloor hooked for the duration of his set. Meanwhile up on the Terrace the Volt.mar’s vinyl only Minimood Records set warned things up before Cocoon’s Christan Burkhardt’s impressive live set pushed the new soundsystem to it’s limits before Cartulus Day’s Unai Trotti played till the sunrise.


Up in the Loft Crosstown Rebel’s Him_Self_Her had a packed new dancefloor space buzzing to their House with feeling sounds. Playful games ensued as inflatable were checked around as the dawn approached.

Downstairs the pace was up a few notches as Sasha Carassi blew the roof off the packed dancefloor taking them further into orbit before handing over to Promoter and Resident Nick Tcherniak and then Kyle E who had the place jumping till late morning.


All in all a great night, outstanding lineup and truly mixes cosmopolitan crowd made me want to join the Familia next month and every time it’s on!