Diego Krause release Pressure…


Artist: Diego Krause
Title: Pressure
Label: Suena Hermosa
Release Date: 15/08

Diego Krause here pops up on the Suena Hermosa label with a no nonsense EP of raw tech house that would sound great in the sets of DJs like Zip and DJ Gregory for the way it is so raw and functional yet also so full of charisma. This is the German producer’s second EP this year after a fine effort on Beste Modus and you figure it could well be the start of a great career for the man.

Nutricous is a bit of stripped back to the essentials house funk with a party-starting vocal snippet, deep and loop kicks and chords that bring a sweet jazz funk. Pressure is just as blocky and wooden in its style; this one jostles around a bit more though. A nice male vocal sample imbues the track with plenty of soul whilst the drums do their dancey work below. Finally, Turnament gets a little garage in its scraping percussive sounds and deep diving bass. Its prickly and kinetic, human and hella fun, and though nothing here re-invents the wheel, it’s still classy club music done to perfection.