Ben Sims ‘Something’



Ben Sims / Something

Vinyl / Digital 

Theory Recordings / Released March 2013


British techno stalwart Ben Sims- no stranger to our review pages- delivers yet another great EP designed to straddle the strange boundaries between relentless drive and funky groove. Although that being something of a calling card for the producer we probably didn’t really need to tell you that

Stretched and filtered accents abound in the stripped, raw and very punchy title number as remixed by Sims himself. Coupled with occasional vocal cries it makes for a real main room assault, not that the decidedly less staccato rhythms of the Original version don’t fit that description too.

As per with the man in question, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the hi hats and cymbal arrangements, meaning energy rarely lets up whilst the outlook switches between frantic and accessible. In contrast, Truncate’s re-rub begins with a seemingly different agenda. Informed by more soulful flavours, lyrical stabs come to the fore as we edge closer to a rough ‘n’ ready house blueprint whilst still sounding pleasantly mechanical. Similarly, Rivet’s reworking takes the toughness down again, instead offering a jacking rhythm, repetitive key hooks and loose drum work. Solid stuff.