The Analogue Cops ‘The Purple EP’

The Analogue Cops / The Purple EP


OUT-ER / Released November 2011


What does it sound like? 

It came from Chicago, predominantly, with a B-side that takes the Detroit diversion. The four tracks presented are, in keeping with the sounds on offer here, named after their respective position on the record, and so even though this Italian duo have worked with Plain and Simple favourite Blawan, and another man of the moment, Ryan Elliot, which can’t be doing their street cred any damage, in homage to their apparent love for early dance culture let’s focus on the music and let the producers remain faceless.

A1‘s got a brass and vocal stab (“DJ break“), cowbells, and smooth synth strings that dissipate into stripped kicks and punchy snares, oozing nostalgia while no doubt fitting in pretty well with the agenda of young revivalists like Jackmaster. Next of all we’re offered something initially more harmonious with A2, all warm, monotone keyboard refrains before we’re taken into ‘drum rolls to satisfy Marshall Jefferson’ territory.

And it’s hard not to feel comfortable with where this leaves us. Which is good because when you flip the record things become slightly tougher but choose not to modernise. B1 drops in with lyrical loops building over looming toms, four to the floor kicks, acid lines, and an old school pipe melody. Then B2 ensures we get back home safely, bringing the pace down to finish with a broken, near-downbeat piece that deftly straddles Soul Clap and the post-rave bass music scene.

Where would I dance to it?

Michigan, Illinois, the past, present and probably future.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

B1‘s probably going to be the best bomb to drop here.

Why should I pay for it? 

Vinyl, quality, originality, talent.

Where can I buy it?