Fabio Effe – Pump

CLAUDE MONNET SSOH55If you like your house music straight up gangster with no frills, only the most kicking kicks and driven percussion, this release on Claude Monet’s SSOH label is the one for you. Fabio Effe is the Italian producer behind it and Monnet turns in a couple of re-rubs.

Frankly the original Pump take you right back to the 90s, to a sweaty big warehouse where the dancefloor is a heaving mass of fist pumping bodies all dancing to the beat. Spraying synths, physical kick drums and icy high hats make up the meat of the track with the detail coming from some female vocal cries and various deft filters. It’s a monster frankly.  As well as a subtle tweaked reprise dub from Monet himself, the label boss also turns in a remix.  It’s a quicker, slicker version that sounds like it could easily be a classic old Boo Williams jam and it glides along so fluidly you will too.