Basics turn 21 with Basement Jaxx…

Leading by example for 21 years is a seriously epic feet. An institution for nearly every clubber, especially for our UK faithful, Back to Basics has become a way of life for the house enthusiasts and has touched so many lives in so many different ways. Touching lives for the punter and touching lives for some of the biggest artists on the roster today everyone has come together to apprecite Britain’s best-loved dance event.

Now 21. Basement Jaxx remember their early days when they were given the opportunity to perform for the legendary Dave Beer and his beloved club promotion back when they were on the rise. It was only fitting that the duo were drafted in to celebrate the illustrious birthday. With that said there was a theme for the evening in true Basics fashion.

Fresh from their world tour Basement Jaxx went straight for the jugular with some climatic drops and loops that have made their sets astonishing. The crowd were in fine form as the duo took them on a journey through some classic moments married with an explosion of fresh edits.

It must be said that Basics wouldn’t be Basics without the loyal crowd that flush through the doors week in week out, Dave Beer himself quoted that it wouldn’t be the same with the trusting audience. However I think most credit needs directed to the ever so reliable residents, many have been involved in Basics since the early days.

Having the likes of Ralph Lawson who spun the first record at Basics back in 91, ex Hacienda hitter Buckley alongside Frenchy, Tristan Da Cunha, James Holroyd and Burnski is a true line up in itself. In particular, the birthday was given a rip-roaring set by Ralph who took us on a journey of his own with some of his infamous 2020 Vision sound.

If you have a list of club events that you wish to visit before you hang up your dancing shoes and for those that haven’t been touched in some way by Basics then you need to. It’s not just any old club night it’s a path for inspiration and talent and gives off a true love for house music like no other. Do we all want another 21 years? Damn right….