Loadstar – ‘Space Between’

Loadstar / ‘Space Between’

Vinyl / CD / Digital

RAM / Released 21st February 2011

In a similar vain to the Chase & Status Ft. Plan B track ‘End Credits’ Loadstar’s Space Between is a brilliant fusion of mellow acoustics, catchy sing-a-long vocals and an unmistakably infectious drum ‘n’ bass rhythm

In theory, tracks like this simply shouldn’t work. Blending two opposing genres; the slow, subtle singer-songwriter style of the intro’ and chorus with the frantic tempo of a heavy drum ‘n’ bass core. On paper it should be a quite literal sound clash, but instead the highs and lows of the different styles compliment each other brilliantly.

The aforementioned Chase & Status track, which featured at the end of the film Harry Brown, always felt like a taste of something with a lot of promise. Bringing together two genres which have until recently felt poles apart has a funny way of fitting together seamlessly. Loadstar’s Space Between is an exciting continuation of this trend and would feel at home in a club, bar or front room – not too in-your-face but plenty to get you moving towards the nearest dancefloor too.

The B-Side track BLVD is a similarly straight-forward affair, this time with more emphasis on the soul-style vocals which soar before allowing the solid bassline and experimentally electronic soundscape carry the track through. The real appeal of this track is the ebb and flow of the main, energetic rhythm dipping to-and-fro from the relaxing percussive interludes. It keeps things feeling fresh and builds the excitement for the next drop of the bassline.

Watch the ‘Space Between’ Official Video Here!