Wisdom of a Glove ends on a high…

I don’t even think Pacha could have expected the results that have arisen from the club this summer, especially with their freshest soirees breaking new boundaries all across the Island. Guy Gerber and his Wisdom of the Glove parties have been at the centre of the ever changing dimensions within the venue drafting in some of the biggest players within the world of house and techno. At one point there was a certain dysfunctional attitude pinned towards Guy himself for taking such a step into the wilderness. However now is all said and done and the smoked has nearly cleared, its evident to see certain heads have been heavily turned towards a more positive persona.


If you glance across the line ups, a hand full of performers had played the historic venture before, but most like me, had never stepped foot inside the gates. It was the the talk of town when dOP curated their live sets upon their amazing onlookers, it was even better when Four Tet drove the crowd into a frenzy. Even Midland, who performed regularly had the 2nd room full on nearly every occasion. Its been a very testing time for the club, and you can’t do nothing but admire the ‘ca hones’ it takes to bring in these new brands.

So down to the final hurrah then hey? In the midst of arguably the largest setting if closing parties to date, Guy asked good friends dOP to perform. The trio, who have wowed their audiences this summer with pulsating live shows were pitted alongside Minus heavyweight Magda, Shaun Reeves and Thugfucker. Right from the get go the setting and music was on point and married well with the burlesque and devilish attitude that Guy has tried to portray.


Magda offered her minimal tech aspect onto the beloved faithful. Deep and simple but very effective would be the way to describe her set, no nonsense and full of effortless drops had the crowd hungry for more. Shaun Reeves blended some rash house cuts and offered a raw ethos, even sampling some disco to mix things up. Thugfucker opted for an even different outlook and chose that heavier platform we come to love. Guy rounded things off nicely curating subtle house slabs with essences of techno intertwined.

pacha 3

The crowd reaction all night worth a mention too. From start to finish they didn’t let up cutting loose to every major drop and paving the way for a successful season to boot. From the clubs point of view its worth saying that WOFG is certainly a box ticked in terms of quality, accuracy, bookings and atmosphere. We are already looking forward to what next summer has in store…