DJ Marky – ‘Good Old Days’ and ‘Secret Place’

DJ Marky & Makoto / ‘Good Old Days’

Vinyl / CD / Digital

Released: January 2011

Official Innerground Records

‘Good Old Days’

There isn’t much here for someone searching for a refreshing take on the drum ‘n’ bass genre but what you do get is a solid seven minutes of wonderfully constructed bass, melody and rhythm.

Perhaps ‘Good Old Days’ refers to a time when drum ‘n’ bass was less progressive and less experimental because in fairness this is a track that seems content in remaining as low key as possible. This just feels a little too ‘safe’ and well within its comfort zone to shoot to the top of any charts or get DJ’s hot under the collar though.

Having said that there is nothing particularly ‘wrong’ within this track. It’s well crafted with an intriguing soundscape of electronic hints and techno twangs and the jazz-like feel of the melody that runs throughout is actually quite charming.

Check out ‘Good Old Days’ Here

‘Secret Place’ (Random Movement Remix)

From it’s stirring beat from the depths of the drum ‘n’ bass shadows Secret Place proves itself to be the younger, fresher feeling track of the two. There are hints of early E-Z-Rollers that bring back some rose-tinted memories of early d’n’b nostalgia but the track remains original and exciting from start to finish.

The admittedly non-descript vocals, whilst random in their subject matter, add that extra dimension. Along with the brilliant bluesy piano and flute that are strung throughout the up-tempo rhythm this is a fantastically understated yet textbook example of why drum ‘n’ bass is so popular. The energy of the breakneck basslines, the soulfulness of the vocal and the spot-on melodies created by the keys and the flute make for a track full of character and life.

Check out ‘Secret Place’ Here