Young Saints and Lenell Brown drop ‘Wake Up’

Young Saints have teamed up once again with the legendary vocalist that is Lenell Brown to deliver a brand new single titled ‘Wake Up’. Twinkly sounds introduce the track before Lenell takes centre stage as his voice dominates the track whilst he sings catchy yet romantic lyrics that will have you joining in instantly.


The musicality from Young Saints is bright and upbeat with hints of a Middle Eastern-inspired vibe that shines through the melodic elements of the track. Working in complete harmony, the music and vocals create unmatchable energy that makes for a chart-topping emotive anthem. ‘Wake Up’ is the ultimate feel-good tune that is best listened to in the sunshine.


Lenell Brown is a seasoned artist who has travelled the globe in countries such as Japan, America and Switzerland showcasing his vocal talents at concerts, festivals and other country musicians. Lenell’s skills cross over into a variety of genres yet always staying true to his deep-rooted gospel background. Having worked with iconic breakthrough artists such as The Zombie Kids and Fonsi Nieto and received awards for his work with DJ Remady and Manu-L, Lenell has cemented his place as a distinct voice in the EDM scene.


This is the third collaboration between Lenell and Young Saints as their previous hits include ‘Losing My Mind’ and the ‘One Day’ remixes which saw Young Saints generate a buzz around their talents. Some of their other hugely popular releases are ‘Turn Up Roll Up’ and ‘Super Hero’. Currently dominating the Spanish dance scene they are truly on the path to stardom and we can’t wait to see what they get up to next.


‘Wake Up’ is out now on Clipper’s Sounds.


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