Alsahm – Amazonia

Alsahm - Amazonia

Since announcing himself onto the Dance music scene, globetrotting DJ and producer Alsahm has been there and done it all. After travelling around South America for 2 years, the multitalented French man is now residing in Senegal, where he is taking full advantage of the local music scene – incorporating them into his own productions and creating a unique fusion of Tribal, Ethic, Techno and House – it’s no wonder he has been grabbing the attention of many of the world’s leading tastemaker DJs and record labels.

After the success of his record ‘Los Ninos Boras’ on Jango Music, Alsahm makes his return to the French imprint with ‘Amazona’, a Techno infused House record that is a must have for any music lover’s record box. Full of iconic vocals, dark vibes, Ethic percussion and a perfectly crafted arrangement, ‘Amazona’ is out now on Jango Music’s Jango X – so make sure you grab your copy of this dancefloor filler now!

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