Lenell Brown Launches Unmissable ‘Bring It To Life’ Video Series

Lenell Brown is launching a highly anticipated video for ‘Love You Down’, the first production in the multiple part ‘Bring It To Life’ video series, a joint endeavour with the Producer & Director Gonzalo Suàrez Romero, who is tasked with bringing some of Lenell Brown’s best work to life. Lenell Brown’s original and innovative video series is unprecedented in the Dance music industry and breaks new grounds as he brings visual content to his original music productions. You can expect to […]

Cyazon is Back With His Latest Remix Flip After Drawing Inspiration From The Original Smash Hit Of ‘Strangers’

Cyazon continues to go above and beyond with his artistic flair, constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional music with his vast range of beautifully unique influences that take you on a journey through music through his unmatched vibe and discretion of the sound of futurized music. Cyazon’s sound lays somewhere between Synthwave and Dubstep that overall depicts one of […]

Mon.Ton’s New Release ‘Come To My Place’  - Another Well Acquitted Techno Powerhouse Anthem

Mon.Ton is a project from the Techno sensation Toma Hawk who has seen bountiful success ever since testing the waters with his unique flair and deep cuts of Techno. Toma Hawk demonstrates just how talented of a Producer he is with previous releases like his ‘Green Fairy’ EP, ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ and ‘Black Widow’ which […]

Serious Powerhouse Producer Drops Techno Anthems ‘Mission To Phoenix’ and ‘Rolling Again’

After discovering an unmistakable talent for the art of music at a young age, Katze first fell in love with the idea of music when he began learning to play instruments like the guitar and the piano during his childhood. He rapidly became engulfed in the intricate and dark sounds of Techno, to which he would use […]

Tune Into NATHASSIA’s Latest ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ Radio Show as She Returns With Another Month of Releases

NATHASSIA transcribes as a powerhouse of an artist who delivers an entirely unique and hypnotic sound built from her worldly influences and immense talent as a DJ and Producer. Her Goddess Is a DJ radio show is emerging another successful endeavour to add to her catalogue of creative talents as she aims to remain ahead […]

Jacob Colon’s ‘Made To Move’ Radio Will be Certain to Get You up and Moving Along With Each Weekly Release

If you haven’t caught up with the latest culmination of Made To Move shows from April, then now is your chance to tune into the latest collection of Jacob’s weekly must not mix series of the best House anthems the scene has to offer. Backed by a series of heavyweight releases like his work on ‘Love Ahora’, ‘Desert Storm’ […]

Toma Hawk Offers a Range of Carefully Selected Playlists and Handpicked Guests – Lakota Raw April Shows

Lakota Radio is quickly emerging as one of the most popular radio shows in the Techno scene as Toma Hawk offers a range of carefully selected playlists and handpicked guests to provide a stunning mix of the very best Techno anthems around. With a string of impressive continuous episodes from Lakota Radio, Toma Hawk exercises […]

Tune Into Naizon’s Latest Month of Naiz:On Air

The latest month of Naiz:On Air offers a delectable range of the hottest Tech House in the industry straight from Naizon. With the show rapidly maturing into a popular power hour of the best the scene has to offer, the latest shows in April are an exciting culmination of big beats, remixes and an eclectic mix of tracks from the […]

Ken Bauer Drops Latest House Anthem ‘The Sirens Are Calling’

Ken Bauer is the latest Swedish dance phenomenon and Producer and is returning with his brand-new House anthem called ‘The Sirens Are Calling’ on the imprint ‘Future Rave Music’. This follows after Ken’s best year in the industry, with a string of high-quality releases backing his image that epitomises the sound of Future Rave. He is continuing to pursue his […]

Gustavo Mota and Naizon Drop Dancefloor Dominator ‘What The Funk’ on Suitor Imprint

Gustavo Mota and Naizon have joined forces in a seamless collaboration with their brand-new House anthem ‘What The Funk’, a professionally wrapped effort chopped full of rugged groovy beats that do not disappoint. After starting his career 7 years ago, Brazilian DJ and Producer Gustavo Mota has seen bountiful success as a result of his hard work and determination to the […]