Various Artists ‘DJ Kicks: Wolf + Lamb v Soul Clap’

Various Artists / ‘DJ Kicks – Wolf + Lamb v Soul Clap’


!K7 / Released March 28th 2011

Who’s been eagerly waiting for this to arrive then? It’s amazing to think how many hands would be seen in the air if the question were somehow poised directly to the entire 16-30 year-old population.

Both DJ pairings have seen an exponential growth in popularity in a relatively short amount of time, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘meteoric rise to underground prominence’. Put them together then, and the town will be talking. So it’s a good job they pull this off in such fine, tempo jumping fashion, as this is not so much downbeat as downright sexy and suggestive.

As is the norm for all things DJ and Kicks, this mix is all about the switch. The saxophone house vibes of Tanner Ross’ Goodbye, Summer, fall seamlessly into the grooving soul of Everytime I Go from Double Hill, via Deniz Kurtel & Wolf + Lamb’s twisted, reversed out Love Triangle Interlude. And, later, the devastating Soul Clap remix of Greg Paulus’ Suchashame vanishes to reveal Crank It Up, an enormous electro monster, complete with punchy snares and shimmering synths. Then, before you know it, imagined b-boys are hurling themselves to your bedroom floor when Throw That Interlude from Eli Gold drops.

Elsewhere Nicolas Jaar, a guy everyone’s going to be hearing a lot more about, will be pleased to see the lyrical and piano loops that make up his Can’t See What Is Burning There included on the list. And, shortly thereafter, No Regular Play’s Takin’ U Back keeps it rolling, and smooth as you like, as dubbier keys descend. Another highlight has to be We All, a distinctly techier affair from Zev & Greg Paulus, and not simply because it ensures once you’ve reached the last third there’s no way anyone will be turning this off.

Throw in twilight electro in the shape of Seuil & Le Loup’s Nautil Us, one hell of a breakbeat reworking of H Foundation’s classic, Tonight, and the bizarre but smile-inducing, club-singer and Casio shades of Fridays With Her from Voices of Black and the tastemakers at !K7 will no doubt find themselves with more than a few deals on their hands. Worth the anticipation? Well, it all really depends on how excited you were, though we’d hazard a guess that those chomping hardest at the bit will find the most satisfaction here.