Free download and video of Chubby Dubz (Art Bleek remix)

Oliver $ Siebert, whose Doin’ Ya Thang on Jesse Rose’s Play It Down label was Beatport’s No.1 charted track of 2011, and Gene Siewing are, in some respects, unlikely house music maestros. The former- cousin of the legendary Jan Driver- cut his teeth on techno’s toughness melded with trance’s pulsating euphoria. In contrast the latter first tuned in to blues, rock, jazz, and soul.

Put them both together though and the result is Chubby Dubz, a collaborative project that emphasises the sub-focused qualities of this sound that jack built, delivering expansive, harmonious and immersive cuts, as is proved on the forthcoming Direct Experience Album Sampler #1. The title is self explanatory, meaning we can expect a Chubby album by the end of 2012 via Loungin’ Recordings, the imprint behind these early tasters.

To celebrate the first release (scheduled for February 20th) both producers have decided to offer a remix, courtesy of Arthur Pochon, A.K.A. French aficionado Art Bleek. Click here to be taken to SoundCloud, and follow the instructions from there to bag your toll-free track. Alternatively stay on this page and check out the tune in question before committing to taking it home with you.