Erol Alkan 10 Hour Set – The Final Marathon


Some people couldn’t imagine working a ten-hour shift. Some teenagers aren’t even AWAKE for 10 hours. But for Erol Alkan the ten-hour set is just another challenge to be met, and destroyed. Erol is what Paula Radcliff is to distance runners and what Pheidippides meant to the Greeks. He is quite simply put, a machine.

Ever since 2008 Erol Alkan and Easter Sunday have meant one thing, and it’s not chocolate. Replacing bunnies and treasure hunts, his marathon sets have become the stuff of legend. In the lead up to these mighty events Erol trains with the discipline of a ninja. Rising at dawn, headband on and humming the Rocky sound track he has been known to disappear for days on end. Not only does this man possess the unwavering grit of an Olympian, but a bottomless record box that would have Mary Poppins weeping green tears of envy.

Traditionally he begins his set in an almost meditative state, candles burning whilst beat-less ambiance, psych and disco dubs gently warm the floor. The journey then weaves its way through techno, house, vintage disco with the odd pop and rock classic thrown in, ending in swinging from the rafters-flexing your tits off-body popping madness.

Starting in 08′ with a teeny five hours he has added an hour each year.  For his final set he will be pushing the boundaries of endurance with a massive ten-hour belter. The Easter marathon set – presented by Bugged Out & Durrr @ Fire London– takes place on Thursday March 28th as Erol plays continuously from 9pm – 7am. This will be his FINAL Easter power set, so do yourself a favour, limber up, get your spandex a-ready and DON’T MISS OUT!


Doors Open Times: 9PM-7AM

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This Friday (February 1st) Erol Alkan will be playing at ZUKUNFT in Zurich. Click here to join the official facebook event

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