Mike Shannon ‘Reset, Bleep’

A man who usually pleases us with his productions once again proves himself to be consistent, arriving on his own label with three quality curveballs.

Various Artists ‘Eskimo Recordings presents The Pink Collection’

A spellbinding collection of cosmic disco and electronic dancefloor business that should prove enticing enough to lure in fans of all dance music mutations.

Various Artists ‘Phil Weeks: Crate Diggin 3’

  Various Artists – ‘Phil Weeks: Crate Diggin 3’  Digital / Vinyl Robsoul Recordings / Released August 2013    OK, so the compilation series is called Crate Diggin, and on this instalment the first five tracks (from a total of nine on offer) are all produced by people called DJ something. Logically then, the package comprises house […]

Fantastic Mr. Fox ‘The Trap b/w Jackal Youth’

Unique, rather strange but ultimately very, very good alt-house music from the wily producer extraordinaire. Highly recommended.

Gary Beck ‘Soma 21’

Gary Beck’s mix takes few prisoners, celebrating universal dancefloor techno in a timeless form, presented in a way that’s more club set than compilation.

Lorca ‘If I Told You’

Leeds house giants 2020 Vision continue their soon-to-be one year old new school imprint’s output with a trio of warm half house, kind of garage style workouts.

Various Artists ‘Where The Wind Blows’

Ellen Allien’s inimitable label returns with another great compilation. Apparat, Chaim, Thomas Muller, Telefon Tel Aviv, and the boss lady all feature

Akabu ‘Everybody Wants Something (Joey Negro Remix)’

Joey Negro returns under his Akabu guise to deliver some boogie infected house beats. What else did you expect?

CHOICE CUT: John Tejada ‘The Predicting Machine’

Returning for a second album on Kompakt, Tejada creates a masterful meld of futurist electro breakbeats and deep tech- his best in years.

DJ Linus ‘KB’s Groove (Kris Wadsworth/Analogue Cops rmxs)’

Kris Wadsworth and Analogue Cops offer two new interpretations of DJ Linus’ 1997 hypnotic house music anthem, but in the end you really can’t touch a classic.