Various Artists ‘Eskimo Recordings presents The Pink Collection’

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Various Artists – ‘Eskimo Recordings presents The Pink Collection’

CD – Digital 

Eskimo Recordings – Released September 2013


Following on from the label’s tenth anniversary album, Belgium’s Eskimo introduces listeners to a brand new compilation series, with The Pink Collection helping this colour-themed musical odyssey  kick off. And what an opening gambit it is.

Whether each edition’s shade will be indicative of the content is unclear, but the chosen title certainly feels apt during the earliest moments here. With all work produced exclusively for this collection surprise abounds, which could be said for innumerable LPs, but in this instance it’s the level of lush, disco-infused pop floatiness that’s so staggering. Step forward Holy Models, whose Swimming marks them out to be a cut above many peers, and gives this release its incredible opening.

Moving forward and things don’t get any less pleasing. Brynjolfur’s I Love You, it’s funky little bassline, enticing percussive section (see also: the joy of cowbells), and cosmic atmosphere, are perfectly built to satisfy a dancefloor that moves to timeless tones, fans of Glass Candy, LCD Soundsystem, and the like. Perfect fare with which to warm our ears in preparation for the Jean Michelle Jarre edged futurist work that follows.

Once those warm introductory tracks have sunk in the score begins to heat up even more, and take off to another universe altogether. Kind of, with the likes of Martin Brodin’s Lazise 1979 perfect examples; a huge, pulsating but nevertheless guitar-twang accented affair that emits enough energy it puts much techno to shame.

Unabashed, but at the same time incredibly polished and effective, the following offering, Majestique’s Must Get There, only adds to the proud, universally enjoyable party vibe, albeit with more Earthly tones, nodding to both of Scuba’s Adrenalin-B-sides; Never and Everywhere. Another anthemic piece of power-pop influenced electro-disco. Add it to the highlights pile, which also needs to include potential show-stealer Jugoton by Ichison (a warm, rolling, and techier piece that’s directly aimed at the feet and hips whilst being no less groove driven), and you’ve got yourself a deal that’s hard, if not impossible, to turn down.