Mike Shannon ‘Reset, Bleep’


Mike Shannon – Reset, Bleep

Vinyl – Digital 

Cynosure / Released September 2013


Mike Shannon’s name seems to be cropping up in our inbox, and conversations quite frequently at the moment. And that’s by no means a bad thing, with the Cynosure boss ranking as one of the most consistent and interesting alt-house-tech-something producers currently making beats, whether its as himself, or under the Blue Fields guise we fell in love with last February.

Here, back on his own imprint, the music maker can be found on typically interesting form, serving up a trio of tracks that don’t really call for a description. Bleep Back is a curious, electro-tinged, bass bin-troubling shuffling oddity that will please fans of everything from Detroit Grand Pubahs to minimalism, Serge Up (apparently named after the rare model of synth used to create the weird noises that make the tune up) is a crunching house stomper, and Bleep Forward is a guttural, booty shaking chugger, and there’s a not a lot more to say other than each achieves what it sets out to do in a thoroughly unique, accomplished way, meaning even if those sounds don’t appeal, after one listen to the records in question the merits of each will quickly become apparent. And that’s no mean feat.