Lorca ‘If I Told You’


Lorca / If I Told You

Vinyl / Digital 

2020 Midnight Visions / Released April 2013


The latest on 2020 imprint Midnight Visions certainly wears its heart on its sleeve. Thankfully, though, what it does is done rather well.

The lead track, Have I Told You, and its compatriots bare a close resemblance to the sound of Aus Music et al, and if the tune in question’s stepping half-house drums and warm melodious refrains weren’t executed with such deft accuracy we might see things a little more cynically. This is, after all, a sub-division of a label that’s never really  been associated with such styles until relatively recently, by which point the difficult to describe sub-genre had already reached serious levels of popularity.

Whether there were any bandwagons involved will always be unclear, but in this instance if there are they seem to be well-constructed vehicles. Giant Stars and Searching– the two other originals here- offer similar tones, meaning that whilst none of the three are doing anything particularly different it doesn’t really matter. The bump and skip of garage, bluesy broken beat atmospheres, and UK bassline wobble come together to deliver a triptych of highly usable, highly danceable new school electronic soul tunes. Add to this Citizen’s left-of-the-centre deep(ish) U.S. style house remix of the opening number- which will do well as a crossover between the target market and fans of traditional 2020 fare- and you should start to understand why we think it all works pretty well.