Jacob Colon Fires Again With a Remix of ‘Real Business From Reg B

Jacob Colon makes another comeback with his remix of ‘Real Business’ from Reg B, where Jacob flips the vibe of the song on its head as those iconic eclectic drum patterns wash over you and get your feet moving in true Jacob Colon style. Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the House music world has been nothing short of superb over the last 18 months, with a discography of club-ready anthems already behind him like ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Desert Storm’, and ‘Love Ahora’. It is clear to see that Jacob is well on his way to the top of the pile, Jacob reveals yet another club-ready anthem that’ll no doubt take place alongside his ever-growing discography of top-of-the-class productions in the shape of ‘Real Business’.

With his latest remix of ‘Real Business’, you can expect to be treated to that Latin-inspired groove and undeniable House funk that many of his fans have fallen in love with over the years. This single kicks off with that famous Jacob Colon percussive and rhythmic groove, with a thudding kick drum that marches forward into a crescendo of risers paired with the solid lyrical work from Reg B that perfectly contrasts Jacob’s vibe, the two different styles make it an unmissable anthem. It’s a heady mixture of Latino-inspired groove mixed in with powerful lyrics that glue every element of the song together and is definitely worth checking out.

Jacob Colon has been on fire this past year of his career, as he has whipped up a storm of outstanding releases that provide the perfect escapism we’re all craving right now, and his remix of ‘Real Business’ is definitely one to add to the list. As we kick back and keep this summer anthem on repeat, we wait with anticipation to see what Jacob’s next move is.

Listen to ‘Real Business’:

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