Kebi Switches up The Vibe With a Remix of ‘Stay’ From Rihanna

Kebi strikes again with a brand-new remix of ‘Stay’ from Rhianna & Mikki Ekko. Kebi has been on fire recently, with a string of releases like ‘Asherah’, ‘Novoye’, and ‘Livin’ topping off his impressive discography and turning heads in the industry. Kebi features as more than a Producer, with talents bleeding out into all aspects of the creative field as he excels in DJing, Producing, and creating art. Viewing his human experiences as a spiritual canvas of expression, Kebi is well on his way to the top of the pile of artists in his domain.

Kebi’s latest offering features as a slowed version of Rihanna’s single hit ‘Stay’, where Kebi flips the vibe on its head and mellows out the release, with beautiful piano chords that strike your senses and get your feet tapping. Expect to be washed over with powerful atmospherics and entrancing House elements when you tune in to the world of Kebi as he transports you into a world of your own through his music. This is before the introduction of those iconic brassy elements that keep you on your toes and alleviate your senses so you can truly unwind to this release, making it an unmissable single perfect for those at-home lounge sessions.

Backed by the idea of embracing technology as a tool for the manipulation of perspective, Kebi also introduces a tone of acceptance and love through everything he does behind the decks. Using music as a medium of connection, Kebi aims to connect to his audiences with every performance while having fun, letting loose, and just being authentic. His latest remix of ‘Stay’ is a prominent demonstration of the skills he has to offer, as Kebi always keeps listeners guessing and feeling free in the moment, taking them on an intricate journey through blends of old and new sounds.

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