Mon.Ton’s New Release ‘Come To My Place’  - Another Well Acquitted Techno Powerhouse Anthem

Mon.Ton is a project from the Techno sensation Toma Hawk who has seen bountiful success ever since testing the waters with his unique flair and deep cuts of Techno. Toma Hawk demonstrates just how talented of a Producer he is with previous releases like his ‘Green Fairy’ EP, ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ and ‘Black Widow’ which have seen large amounts of support and success not to mention his latest release ‘Come To My Place’ which is nothing short of the latter. Mon.Ton represents an exciting new beginning for this style of Techno, a deeper and darker sound that isn’t afraid to get into the nitty grittiness that Techno fans adore. 

‘Come To My Place’ starts off with a thudding kick drum to get the ball rolling, joined by hi-hats that come in-between the kick drum for that added layer of dimension to get your body moving to the rhythm of the song. The fleeting reverbed claps every so often proves to be a nice touch combined with the ambient and entrancing FX thrown into the mix to sweeten the deal. Toma Hawk shows off the idea of this newly developed knack of his through the development of the industrial and robotic tones and the eerie vocals to hold airy breaks and the subs are given time to recover. This leaves room for the incoming drop as the song is stripped back to reveal lingering surgical beeps before the main components are faded back into reality with unique vocals that float around in the depths of the speaker before the kick drum flips back into action, instantaneously exuding that grungy atmosphere Mon.Ton has successfully encapsulated through this production. 

Representing Mon.Ton’s release is Lakota Music Raw, another well acquitted Techno powerhouse label that keeps on delivering from Toma Hawk himself. This record label harnesses the idea of demonstrating the excellence of deep Techno and the many amazing artists around the genre that has come to feature on this label to bring the idea alive. 

Listen To ‘Come To My Place’ 

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