Check out ALWZ SNNY’s brand new remix of Lexnour’s ‘Let You Down’

After consistently releases some incredible tunes over the past few months, ALWZ SNNY is back once again with a brand-new release. With a string of successful original 2020 hits under his belt, ALWZ SNNY has turned his attention to remix duties for Lexnour’s Hip-Hop tune ‘Let You Down’ which was released back in June of this year. Initiating the vibe with a stunning piano intro, the instrumental begins to gradually develop, introducing every element in detail piece by piece. When the track reaches its peak, ALWZ SNNY injects an orchestral-inspired classic dance drop which definitely takes things to the next level.


As the tempo of the ‘Let You Down’ remix is more upbeat than the original, it really allows you to get into the depths of this production as you groove along to its infectious beat. The balance of the original tune’s melancholic vocals and catchy lyrics paired with ALWZ SNNY’s finely tuned musical ear and creative talents make this a release with the potential to go far. This version of ‘Let You Down’ is the perfect blend of old school and new school.


‘Love Revolution’, ‘Sail Away’ and ‘As Long As We’re Together’ are just a few of the releases that have seen ALWZ SNNY catapult to the forefront of the industry and gaining worldwide attention. His style is best described as high energy and bright featuring a hearty dose of synths, seriously impressive guitar melodies and a hint of Country music thrown in for good measure. In a world that is pretty grey right now, you can count on ALWZ SNNY to bring the good vibes, positivity and fun with every release and music video he creates!


ALWZ SNNY’s remix of Lexnour’s ‘Let You Down’ is out now; so, grab your copy, sit back, relax and enjoy!


Listen to ‘Let You Down’