Check out ALWZ SNNY’s ‘Sail Away’


ALWZ SNNY is back with yet another outstanding tune titled ‘Sail Away’. This time he is reunited with rising rap star Sincerely Collins who previously featured on ALWZ SNNY’s ‘Parachute’ and is known for his silky voice and unique tones. The track is at a slightly slower pace compared to some of ALWZ SNNY’s EDM-centric tracks as he dives deeper into the genre of Country Dance but is absolutely bursting with a tonne of melodic elements that instantly lifts you into a euphorically blissed state.


Stepping away from the heavy synths and guitar that we’re used to hearing from ALWZ SNNY, ‘Sail Away’ is much more of a pop fused track with Country inspired storylines and Electronic elements that playfully tease a drop in the music throughout. The easy to sing along to lyrics add the cherry on top of this track as it harnesses the potential to dominate charts and radio stations all over the world.


Embarking on a new genre of Country Dance and creatively merging the sound with Electropop, ALWZ SNNY is changing the face of dance music with every release. Inspired by the likes of Marshmello, Martin Garrix and Avicii, he is constantly building and pushing forward his sound. He does this all whilst having fun and enjoying the medium of music through positivity, high energy and good vibes. You always know you are listening to an ALWZ SNNY track as it instantly makes your day better!


ALWZ SNNY has self-released Sail Away which out now and available to download on the links below.


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