Grab your copy of Ken Bauer and Sonny Bass’s ‘Pill of Love’

‘Pill Of Love’ is a brand new, stunning collaboration between Ken Bauer and Sonny Bass. The gradual intro eases you in until haunting vocals that sit like butter over the airy chords. These two seasoned producers have hit the perfect balance between chilled and dance, giving off major good vibes which is exactly what the world needs right now.


Featuring dazzling synths and insatiable melody lines, ‘Pill Of Love’ set to be a sure hit capable of dominating the dance scene. The bouncing bass and careful instrumentation put you in a state of euphoria with the easy-to-follow lyrics having you singing along to the track instantaneously. With both artists highly respected in their own right, this pairing has proven to be a marriage of talents that have integrated with seamless perfection.


Ken Bauer has consistently topped the charts with his meticulously produced hits such as ‘Plastic Luv’ and more recently ‘Until You Speak’. His career started at a remarkable height as his debut release became the most downloaded track in Sweden. Since then his unparalleled blend of genres and styles has seen him rise to the cream of the crop bringing about support from the likes of David Guetta and Nicky Romero.


Sonny Bass has also respectively garnered over 15million streams for his music and worldwide appreciation for his pop flavoured EDM tracks. Having created remixes for the likes of Borgeous and NOTD on major labels such as Armada and Wall Recordings, he too has developed a long list of support from industry heavyweights. This collaboration of creativity is set to be an astounding formidable force.


Amsterdam based label SHKDWN Recordings is the new home for this sensational release which was founded by Sonny Bass himself alongside B-Funky.


‘Pill of Love’ is out now to download and stream.


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