H.O.S.H. ‘Forever Young Part 1’


H.O.S.H. / Forever Young

Vinyl / Digital 

Diynamic Music / Released July 2013


The question on everyone’s mind is (surely) whether or not the latest cut from infinitely talented Diynamic regular H.O.S.H. has any connection with the not-so-classic Mel Gibson romantic drama of the same name, unveiled in UK cinemas circa 1992. After a staggering amount of investigation, we can confirm it doesn’t, so take from that what you will.

If youth means ‘fresh’, though, then the title of this EP- the first of four that will be released under the Forever Young tag- is certainly pretty fitting. Not quite slo-mo, but definitely influenced by new disco vibes and plodding electro, first up we’re given the slightly hypnotic, but truly groovy Lifeguard, a classic Diynamic sounding piece if ever there was one, and a cut that will definitely increase the chances of this EP selling well, given how en vogue such sounds currently are.

Thankfully though, in this case the inevitable attention will be wholly deserved, as it’s an accomplished take on the stylistic canon. Rather excitingly, for fans of such tones, the B-side sees H.O.S.H. team up with label boss and man of the moment Solomun, further cementing this release as a potentially (very) popular choice. Again, any credit given isn’t without good reason, as the pair come together to deliver a strange, often surprising slice of low-end dominated four four filth filled with interesting details and immersive, atmospheric accents, straddling deep and punchy in one fell swoop. Which isn’t that easy, really.